The Empowered Entrepreneurs

The online community helping each other to grow their businesses.

This community is for passionate entrepreneurs who want to make a difference to people's lives.

Being an entrepreneur can be a very rewarding path but it can also be lonely, overwhelming, stressful and exhausting. The relentless push required to build a successful business can lead to breaking-point. Gathering momentum and sustaining the cashflow required to keep the business afloat can be soul destroying. Many people quit, never realise their potential or fail to see their dreams come to reality.

After surveying hundreds of entrepreneurs asking them what their biggest barriers were to reaching their goals. The top five were: 

  • Not having enough time 
  • Negative internal dialogue  
  • Procrastination 
  • Getting new business 
  • Difficulty understand technical aspects

Having a supportive, knowledgeable community can make the difference between making your business fly or letting your dreams fade into a distance memory.

Why The Empowered Entrepreneurs?

My name is Nick Elvery and I'm a Peak Performance Coach, international speaker, biohacker, self help junkie, qualified personal trainer, podcast host and animal lover.

I created the Empowered Entreprenuers community to help fellow entrepreneurs drive their businesses forward, get out of their own way and ultimaelty see their dreams come a reality.

I spent years building businesses only to watch each attempt fail one after another. I, better than most understand the struggle of entreprenuership and the mind games it can play.

Along side these failed attempts I battled for over a decade with addiction to hard drugs and alcohol. I had confidence shattering depression that crippled me with weeks of zero action and low self worth. I would fall into the procrastination trap all the time. I was constantly stressed and overwhelm was a constant visitor. Being told to pull my finger out and stop making excuses didn't help. 

After hitting rock bottom again and again told myself it was time to make a change to every aspect of my life. With help from some incredible people I quit drink and drugs (over 5 years now), lost over 4 stone (25KG), changed my diet, implemented daily practices that help me turn from being a low perfroming depressed junkie in to a productive, high performing machine that was excited about life.

What is The Empowered Entrepreneurs community?

Community can be a powerful force to help us propel our business forward. Joining the right sort of community is so important. The Empowered Entrepreneurs group is a global community made up of passionate, driven entrepreneurs who are building meaningful businesses that make a difference to people's lives. It's a community of people who care, want to see their fellow entrepreneur succeed and have fun doing it at the same time. If helping more people is important to you this community is for you.

quit sugar challenge

Monthly Challenges

Every month you can take part in challenges designed to ramp up your productivity, increase your performance, get more done in less time and take yourself and business to the next level. These challenges are fun, educational and help you to grow.

Online Community

You get access to a private online community that is full of driven entrepreneuers who want to see you succeed. Having this support network is a powerful way to excelerate your life and business. Being an entreprenuer can be lonely, overwhelming and stressful. Having a network to bounce ideas off, get support and learn from is a very powerful resource.

Weekly Masterclasses

Every week there are live interviews with experts from a wide range of fields. You have exclusive access to these live interviews and are able to have your questions answered live. They cover topics such as how to get more clients, social media strategies, nutritionl hacks for performance and loads more. 

Online Courses


Being part of the community gets you access to online training courses like how to launch your first podcast l courses our included for the monthly subscription.

Fancy some meditation downloads? You get these too.

Nick never ceases to amaze me. He lives and breathes what he teaches and puts so much focus into his clients' outcomes that it's practically impossible not to get results by working with him!  

  His knowledge on topics such as productivity, sleep and nutrition (to name but a few) is vast, but more importantly than the amount of knowledge he has acquired is his ability to help you put it to immediate use and take rapid and massively effective action.

If ever I find myself slipping into the procrastination trap it's Nick that I seek out and I would recommend anybody to do exactly the same...

Hands down, Nick is undoubtedly the Superman of productivity. He is a master of productivity and they say the best way to get better at something is to model it.  

Nick is my role model for productivity and I have learnt an enormous amount from him having seen his life-changing content which is unlike any other productivity material out there!  

I highly recommend him to any coach and entrepreneur who is ambitious and serious about crushing it. He gets 'results in record time'.  

​ Having Nick there is like having the wind behind my back, things get done so much more effortlessly because Nick gets me in the optimum mindset and highest state for productivity.

Adrian Shiel - Digital Coach

Shamoni Gilani - Purpose & Message Clarity Coach

As an entrepreneur committed to continual growth and success, I had been craving something like this for a long time.  

Nick’s enthusiasm and passion for empowering others to succeed is infectious. Most groups add very little value and waste your time. Nick has created a place where you can genuinely learn, grow and be part of a community of positive, supportive, likeminded individuals. A place that ultimately empowers you to be your most awesome self, in life and in business.

Laura Bolton - Paleo Diet & Lifestyle Coach

poppy westwell

"You want to hang out with a guy who is super keen for you to succeed, to be the best you can be and who has all the life hacks to help you achieve that? Then Nick is the guy for you! Since joining empowered entrepreneurs I have gone to a whole new level. It’s full of supportive like minded people who really want to use every tool in the box to create an amazing life with a kickass business."

Poppy Westwell - Designer

"Finally I found an entrepreneurial community where I am inspired to create and grow my coaching business. Nick Elvery has a warm heart, outgoing personality and a sincere desire to help all of us reach our business and personal goals! Growing your business is contagious in this community, I'm so glad I joined."

Christine Jefferson - Coach

How much is it?

You get all of the above for only £30 per month. 

The best bit is you can trial it for 30 days for only £1!!! 

I know you'll love the community and everything that comes with it.

You can cancel at any time and there's no contract.

The group is growing and the number of members is going to be limited. Once it's full that's it.